Why are my eyes red and itchy?

During this time of year, the answer is usually due to allergies. When winter ends and the long
awaited sunshine finally makes it way to Connecticut that is when allergy season tends to begin.
You notice it on your cars and your local weather reports will remind you of this as well. As
spring time progresses, the pollen count rises and your eyes take the brunt of it.

What are the other symptoms of allergies in my eyes?

Besides the typical itching and redness, the eyes can also be watery, painful, and you can have
blurry vision as well. You may even have some eyelid swelling if your symptoms are severe. If
your symptoms occur all year long, then you may have environmental allergies to either dust or
one of your pets.

What can I do to make my eyes feel better?

There are a few different things you can do at home that may help improve your symptoms.
These things include cool compresses, lubricating eye drops, over-the-counter allergy eye
drops or over-the-counter antihistamine pills. Sometimes you can even be creative and use
something cold that is clean like an ice pack that is wrapped in a towel or a frozen vegetable bag.
Sometimes it is just best to avoid the pollen all together and keep your windows closed and use
air conditioning to keep you cool.

What if my eyes do not get better?

If your eyes continue to bother you then you should call for an appointment and get seen. You
may need to have stronger medication if you have an allergic conjunctivitis. You may need to
be on stronger antihistamine eye drops or even steroid eye drops. The newest antihistamine eye
drops work so well that they can be used once in the morning and can last the entire day. If you
are one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies and you need relief then call our
office today (860) 233-2020 and get seen by one of our doctors today.