Finally it seems that Winter is finally ending and Spring is around the corner.  While many people are excited for the change in season, it also means that Allergy season is coming.  Allergies affect so many people and they do not always occur in the Springtime.  If you suffer from ocular allergies you may get symptoms of itching, tearing and swelling and redness of your eyelids. There are many different causes for allergies and they can occur year round.  The tricky part is knowing what you are allergic to.  How can you find this out?
There is a test that takes roughly 3 minutes to do that can let you know what you are allergic to and how bad the reaction is.  It is a simple scratch test on your arms using different allergens such as trees, flowers, animals, and environmental causes and if you are allergic to them a small bump will form on your arm.  With the information of what you are allergic to, the doctor can decide the best treatment option for you.  Please call (860) 233-2020 today to make an appointment to get allergy tested.

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