It is very difficult to find any employment that does not use computers in some way. With the implementation and increased use of computers on a daily basis, people often ask if that can affect their eyes. In fact it can with a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition that causes eye fatigue and vision discomfort with prolonged computer use. The severity of the symptoms tend to vary based on different factors but it seems the longer the length of time on the computer the more severe the symptoms tend to be. Those symptoms include blurred vision, eye fatigue, dryness of the eyes, neck and back pain and headaches. The different factors that tend to make the symptoms worse include poor lighting, incorrect ergonomical set-up, glare from the computer screen, or uncorrected refractive error.

The different options to treat CVS include glasses that have an anti-glare coating, positioning your computer so that you are looking downward and at a comfortable working distance, sitting in a comfortable adjustable chair, taking frequent breaks at looking at the computer screen and using natural lubricating eye drops to prevent dryness of your eyes.

The best way to find out if you are suffering from CVS is to get regular comprehensive eye examinations. Your doctor can listen to your symptoms, check the overall health of your eyes and recommend the best treatment options for you. Please call (860) 233-2020 to schedule your exam today.