ad-backgroundDr. Solinsky’s decades of fundraising and philanthropic work has created a unique and supportive culture at Solinsky EyeCare, LLC. As he explains:

“I feel so blessed that I can work at a profession that I really enjoy and that provides an opportunity to use funds in this way.”

The Jewish Ledger reports:

“As a fundraiser for various organizations, I know the importance of giving at least a small amount to all worthy charities for the sake of showing support, and picking a few charities and organizations to give a substantial amount of time and money to in order to make a difference,” he says.

“Ten years ago, when Argentina was experiencing an economic crisis and a rise in antisemitism, an Argentinian-Jewish ophthalmologist applied online for a technician position in the practice. Solinsky helped secure a visa through the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) for the doctor and his family, who stayed in the community for three years before returning to Argentina. With the doctor on staff, Solinsky EyeCare was able to help more Spanish-speaking patients. The practice, which has three offices in West Hartford, East Hartford, and Enfield, and 15 satellite offices to care for lower-income patients, in urban areas and nursing homes, has also treated many Jews from the former Soviet Union who resettled in the Greater Hartford area.”


Source: The Jewish Ledger May 28, 2014