Eye Protection - Solinsky EyeCare, LLCA common topic your eye doctor may talk to you about once they finish your eye exam, is to always take steps to protect your eyes.

1. Always wear protective eyewear during any activity that includes any form of projectiles or other objects that may harm your eyes.

Forms of protective eyewear include safety glasses/goggles, U.V. filters, protective eye shields, and eye wash.  It is mandatory in certain workplaces to always have protective eyewear on at all times and to always have an eyewash bottle or even an eyewash station in case of emergency.  The U.V. filters would be more used by people who work with strong energy lights like Welders or Laboratory workers who work with lasers. You can also protect your eyes from the Sun’s U.V. light by wearing sunglasses with U.V. protection or Polarized sunglasses.

2. Never rub your eyes.

Either from the force of rubbing your eye or if an object or particle is on the front surface of the eye, rubbing may create a scratch or abrasion or could possibly move the object further back which could make it much more difficult to flush out or for the doctor to remove.  If you feel the need to rub your eyes, it is better to flush the eye out with saline or with natural lubricating eye drops like an artificial tear.  If you still are having issues, it would be best to make an appointment with your eye doctor.

3. Give your eyes frequent breaks when working on a computer screen or any electronics device.

Over time the continued use of electronic devices can create eyestrain and headaches.  When you take frequent breaks it give the eyes a chance to rest and recover and allow you to continue to work without an eye issues.
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