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The doctors at Solinsky EyeCare are happy to offer their patients an alternative to glasses and contacts. Ask your doctor at Solinsky EyeCare if you’re a candidate for LASIK today!

LASIK is one of the most popular elective procedures performed each year.  Here are just a few benefits making LASIK so popular:

  • The procedure is quick and relatively pain free
  • LASIK uses aerospace technology
  • Recreational & occupational benefits
  • LASIK treats various conditions including astigmatism
  • LASIK could save you money long term
  • Patients may see rapid improvement


Four More Unexpected LASIK Benefits

LASIK doesn’t only result in noticeably improved vision. There are also unexpected benefits to having the procedure.  For many patients, LASIK results in noticeably improved vision.  Here are four advantages patients frequently mention.

1. Improved peripheral vision.
In addition to improved straight-ahead vision, many patients remark how much better their peripheral vision has become since they no longer wear glasses. Glasses do not “wrap around” the eyes, so peripheral vision is blurry unless the patient turns his/her head. Once the glasses are gone, peripheral vision is clear as well.

2. Reduced allergy symptoms.
Some patients say their allergy symptoms improve after treatment. They claim fewer headaches and less sinus pain without glasses sitting on their nose. Contact wearers claim less eye irritation and redness because they don’t have to put contacts in their eyes.

3. Better nighttime vision.
Although a small number of patients experience mild glare/haloes after their LASIK procedure, many people say that their nighttime vision improves after the procedure. It might have to do with the fact that they are no longer dealing with the light reflecting off the lenses in their glasses. For people who wear contact lenses, end-of-day dryness may also cause fuzzy nighttime vision. Without having reflections and a poor refractive surface because of dryness, many post-LASIK patients actually see better at night.

4. Additional lines of sight.
Some patients with high levels of myopia or astigmatism gain additional lines of vision after LASIK. These types of refractive errors are best corrected on the corneal surface and often increase a patient’s clarity after surgery — as opposed to only partially correcting them with glasses or contacts that move with each blink.

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