It is that time of year where you start to see the seasonal Halloween stores sprout up in strip malls across the state.  It is probably one of your child’s favorite holidays where they get to dress up in crazy costumes and go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood for goodies of all kinds.  One way to elevate their costumes is to add accessories and one way that people may choose to do this is by using colored contact lenses.  This may enhance your costume but there are a few things you should know before purchasing or wearing one of these lenses.
First off that contact lens, even if it does not have any power/prescription in it is still a medical device.  It needs to be fit by an eye care professional who is licensed to do so.  This means that if you do not have a valid prescription that specifically states what brand of contact lens you are to wear along with the base curve then that lens is illegal.  The stores that sell these lenses without a prescription are doing so illegally and it is illegal to purchase a prescription item without a valid prescription in the US.
It is also potentially hazerdous to your eyes if you are wearing contacts that have not been fit for your eyes.  The many problems that can occur with wearing a contact lens that has not been fitted properly to your eyes can include blurry vision, irritation, redness, eye pain, eye infections which can be bacterial, allergic or fungal and/or corneal ulcers which can cause scarring and can cause loss of vision.
There are prescription contact lenses with different designs to either change the color of your eyes, enhance the natural look of your eyes, or can change them into something out of this world.  Please call for an appointment today to be fit by one of our many Optometrists to have that pair of contact lenses to perfectly match your Halloween costume (860) 233-2020.