You wake up from a good nights sleep and notice you have a little bit of crusting in the corner of your eyes. It feels almost like sand and has a little grittiness to it. It sometimes is a little yellow as well. It may not happen every morning but you notice it fairly frequently. You go to take a shower and when you clean your face a little bit of that crust gets into your eyes and you feel like gravel is in there. It stings, it burns, and it is irritating. You take the warm water and clean it away and now your eyes feel much better, almost refreshed.

This is a common morning ritual for many people. Many people just deal with the problem but only a few actually do something to fix the problem. The first thing to do to fix the problem is to see an eye doctor so they can recommend the correct treatment for you. The doctor will tell you that you have something called Blepharitis and that there are a few treatment options available. They may recommend warm compresses and lid massage or to take medicated eyedrops or even a pill to take away that crusty build up. There are a few eyelid cleaner products out there that can help with the compresses/massage aspect of your treatment. A new product on the market is a cleaner called Avenova.

Avenova is an eyelid cleaner that uses hypochlorous acid which the body naturally uses to kill microorganisms to gently clean away any crusting and clean the eyelids that leaves them feeling refreshed after using the product. It is a prescription item that can be dispensed by your eye doctor. Typically it is used in the morning and in the evening or it can be used when you feel the build up occurring on your eyelids. This cleaner can also be helpful for dry eye patients as it helps the Meibomian glands to remain clean and work properly to help with your natural tears.

If you have crusting on your eyelids or suffer from dry eyes please call to schedule an appointment today so one of our doctors can give you the right treatment which may include Avenova (860) 233-2020.