Continuing on with our discussion of dry eyes we get patients that ask us how dry their eyes are? Most people would think that is a subjective measurement on how the patient feels which is part of the answer to the question but it is not the entire answer. There are different methods of measuring how dry the eye is. A specific one we will go over this month is a test called the TearLab. This test will measure the osmolarity of the tears the eye produces. More specifically how much salt is in the tears.

Studies have shown that when there is an abundance of salt in the tears or something called hyperosmolarity then the patient will have some form of dry eyes. Most of these cases the patient will be symptomatic for one or more of the typical dry eye symptoms which includes burning, stinging, tearing, foreign body sensation and blurred vision. As the doctor treats your dry eyes the osmolarity levels will start to go back towards normal ranges and typically the patient will feel better once these numbers are in the normal range again.

The TearLab is a good measurement as well since it will give a number which can be easily understood by the patient and can tracked unlike how your eyes may be feeling which can change daily. The test itself is easy to do as a technician will gather tears from each eye into a probe where it can be measured by the TearLab machine and comes out with a osmolarity number.

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