Learn about the Prokera

With the final topic in the dry eye series we will talk about the latest treatment for Dry Eye called the Prokera. Prokera is a cryopreserved amniotic membrane formed into a ring that is placed on the eye like a contact lens. It can be used for many different conditions including corneal abrasions, herpectic ulcers, recurrent corneal erosions, keratitis, chronic dry eyes and more. For this discussion we will stick with dry eyes and how the Prokera can help treat it.

The Prokera is placed in one eye at a time by your eye doctor and it can remain in your eye for one to two weeks. The length of time depends upon the severity of the dry eye. It helps your eyes through the amniotic membranes healing properties. The amniotic membrane has anti-inflammatory properties along with regenerative properties to grow new healthy cells. This will increase the eye’s ability to heal faster and also reduce pain. Basically the corneal cells that have been affected by chronic dry eye can heal and regenerate to better, healthier cells. You can still use eye drops while the Prokera is in your eye. In some cases the eye doctor will put tape on the upper lid to prevent the Prokera from coming out. Your eye doctor will have you back to remove the Prokera once the amniotic cells have a chance to contour to your eye and typically all that will remain is the ring. The amniotic cells are different from stem cells as amniotic cells are taken after pregnancy naturally and there is no harm done to anyone to get these cells.

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