Eyelashes close upThis is a question that we get asked fairly frequently by patients who either have lost the ability to grow eyelashes or just want them to look thicker, fuller and darker. Many people will try different types of makeup or brushes to make their eyelashes look better but would prefer they were naturally thicker. This is where there a couple different products are available that can help grow your eyelashes. The first product is a prescription item called Latisse.

Latisse is a solution that you place on your eyelashes daily.

It helps grow your eyelashes longer and make them thicker, fuller and darker too. It is applied as you would apply mascara to your eyelashes and it is done nightly. As you use the product continuously you find that your eyelashes will start to grow and they can also darken. You will need to be followed closely by your eye doctor since the medication can lower the eye pressure in your eyes so you will need to have regular eye pressure checks to make sure the medication is not causing any eye pressure issues. If you prefer to not use a prescription item there is a more natural medication called Lash Advance

Lash Advance is made up of natural extracts that can help you grow your eyelashes and your eyebrows as well. It does not have the same darkening affect but can be an alternative if you are not a candidate for Latisse or if you prefer more natural treatments. You apply the medication in the same manner as applying mascara and you do it nightly as well. As you take it daily you will find it can grow your eyelashes to be longer and fuller.

If you or someone you know has difficulty growing eyelashes or if you would prefer to have longer, thicker, fuller and darker eyelashes, please call for an appointment today (860) 233-2020. Our doctors can recommend the right option for you.