vision enhancing holiday toysIt is that time of year when stores and malls stay open late and you have another shopping list that is not just groceries. It is the Holiday season which means time spent with loved ones and different traditions. One of those traditions may be gift giving. With the plethora of options out there we will give a few recommendations for vision friendly gifts that will not only bring some joy but also enhance vision.

Building Toys: Examples include K’NEX, Lego’s or the more traditional Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys or Erector Sets. A very modern gift would be any form of robotics where you can build and create your own robot.

Fine Motor Skill Toys: Examples range from coloring books to Sand Art, to Playdough, to finger paint, to Lite-Brite. Any of these types of toys can improve on the visual-motor pathway.

Space Perception Toys: For close range toys you may like to buy Ants in the Pants, Operation, Jenga or classic marbles. For further ranged toys you could get a fast rising game of Cornhole or other games like darts, Frisbee, ping pong, ring toss or any ball type game (baseball/basketball/football/etc.) These games will work on hand-eye coordination and help to improve depth perception

Visual Thinking Toys and Games: If you want to work on visual perception like visual memory, pattern recognition or visual discrimination you could try Bingo, Mancala, Rubik’s Cube, Bop It, Checkers, Dominoes, jigsaw puzzles or many card games (Old Maid/Go Fish/Etc.).

Balance and Coordination Toys and Games: Not only are these games good for your eyes but will also get you active. They include jump rope, Slip N’ Slide, Twister, Sit and Spin or even a Snowboard. These games and toys will work on gross motor skills, laterality and bilateral coordination.

If you are in need of some guidance for gift giving that will promote good eye health then talk with any of our doctors about what might be the best toy for a loved one (860) 233-2020.