January is Glaucoma Awareness Month which leads into a topic that discusses a measurement that is done on patients that have or are suspicious for having glaucoma. The measurement is called Corneal Hysteresis. Corneal hysteresis is defined as “the difference between the pressure at which the cornea bends inward during an airjet applanation and the pressure at which it bends out again” per Review of Ophthalmology.

This measurement is important as the standard measurement of eye pressure is by Goldmann applanation. Goldmann applanation assumes all corneas are shaped and act the same when pressure is applied to them. Through different studies we know this is not true and that the thickness of the cornea can play a part in the actual eye pressure. Also we know that patients who have had refractive surgeries such as LASIK or those patients with Keratoconus will have abnormal Goldmann measurements, Corneal hysteresis is a way to take those factors out to get a more accurate measurement. Depending on how the measurement comes out can help your eye doctor decide to start treatment if you are suspicious for having glaucoma or if you need more treatment if you are currently being treated for glaucoma.

The machine that is used at Solinsky Eyecare is the Ocular Response Analyzer. This test is just as quick as an auto-refraction and just as easy. Your eye doctor will decide if corneal hysteresis is needed for you when you come in for your eye visits. Please call to schedule an appointment today (860) 233-2020.

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