Contact lenses have an ever changing market.  Different companies trying to find the right lens material that gives the most oxygen and the best vision for the most amount of people.  Some companies though decide to find a niche market to thrive in and one such lens on the market is the NaturalVue contact lens.  The type of patients the lens is designed for include adults close or over 40 and nearsightedness progressing children.  

The NaturalVue contact lens is a soft daily disposable lens that has a different optical approach than other contact lenses on the market.  Typical multifocal contact lenses use rings of changing power like a bulls-eye to give you different power ranges from distance to near.  NaturalVue contact lenses use depth of focus optics that can range from needing a low reading power to higher levels of reading.  This design can be used for people just starting to need reading glasses or for those who had used reading glasses for many years.

The second patient group is children who are progressing in their nearsightedness.  Multifocal contact lenses have been a treatment option in the past but studies show the NaturalVue lens can also slow down nearsightedness progression using the depth of focus optics.

If you are having near issues with your contact lenses or have a child who’s glasses prescription keeps getting higher every year please call (860) 233-2020 to schedule an appointment with one of our wonderful Optometrists today.

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