This is a common question we get from parents regarding their children’s screen usage.  Every parents wants to know how much is appropriate and what can happen if their child uses the screen too much.  Recently the Mayo Clinic posted an article that discusses this subject.  The article goes over a few key points that we will talk about.

The first point is that it is better for your child to have unstructured playtime than it is for electronic media.  This is especially true for children under 2 years old.  It is advised to not have screen time in kids under 18-24 months.  Once your child is 2-5 years old then it is okay to have 1 hour per day of screen time.  

Studies have shown that kids who are exposed too much to screens have a greater chance for obesity, irregular sleep schedules, behavioral issues, violence and loss of social skills. 

It is not just the length of time but the quality of the content that matters as well.  The content should include age appropriate music, movement and stories.  It can also be an activity to watch together so you can help explain what they are seeing and also be able to monitor what they are being exposed to.

For older kids they can have up to 2 hours per day for screen time with once again age appropriate quality programming.  Studies have shown over exposure can lead to developing myopia or nearsightedness and also cause behavioral issues.  It is important to use parental controls for what they can see and how long they see it for.

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