Today we are discussing a new topic that has to do with older people compared to the recent topics dealing with children.  The new topic is something called Sagging Eye Syndrome.  This topic is something that many people may not have heard of or may not have been diagnosed with but it is something important to discuss as it is the leading cause of strabismus (eye turn) in adults.  

Our eye muscles move using a system of extra ocular muscles that are made up of connective tissue.  The system works like a pulley system would so that the eyes may move in many different directions.  Sagging eye syndrome is when this pulley system starts to sag and possibly rupture completely.  This can happen in the area where the lateral rectus and superior rectus band.  This lateral rectus muscle controls the eyes ability to move outward.  If the lateral rectus is not working properly the eye will tend to move inward causing horizontal double vision.  The superior rectus muscle controls the eyes ability to look upward.  If the superior rectus muscle is not working properly then the eyes will move downward and you will see vertical double vision.

It is important to have an eye examination if you are an adult who experiences double vision as there are more serious conditions that have double vision as a symptom.  Please call (860) 233-2020 if you do experience a new onset of double vision and would to be evaluated. 

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