A new drug has just recently been FDA approved for acquired ptosis in adults. Ptosis, which can affect one or both upper eyelids, is also known as a “droopy eyelid”.  An acquired ptosis is most commonly associated with aging changes, however it can occur secondary to eye surgery, contact lens wear and underlying systemic conditions. Ptosis may cause a reduction in visual field, a sensation of eyelid heaviness, and occasionally, double vision.

The drug molecule is believed to target one of the muscles that raises the upper eyelid (Muller’s muscle). The drop is administered once daily to the affected eye(s) and may work as quickly as a few minutes to cause elevation of the upper eyelid; the effect may last up to 8 hours. Possible side effects include instillation site pain, redness and dryness.  Other options for the treatment of an acquired ptosis include surgery and observation. It is important to isolate the exact cause of ptosis before a treatment is recommended. Call 860-233-2020 to schedule an appointment with an eye care specialist to see if Upneeq is right for you.  

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