Solinsky EyeCare is pleased to introduce the Alcon AcrysofIQ Vivity Extended Vision Intraocular lens. This recently FDA approved Extended Depth of Focus Lens is the latest advancement in lens technology aimed at providing clear vision at distance, intermediate and some near vision compared to monofocal lenses.

Compared to Multifocal lenses the Vivity is the first non-diffractive lens that “stretches and shifts” the wavefront  with X-WAVE technology to create a broad extended focal range with very few visual disturbances. There are no rings or light splitting that multifocals use to channel light energy.

X-WAVE Technology consists of two smooth surface transition elements located in the central 2.2mm of the lens. Each surface transition stretches and shifts the light creating an extended focal range rather than multiple focal points that diffractive multifocal create. The vivity lens also corrects astigmatism.

The Vivity lens utilizes nearly all transmitted light coming into the eye (97%) It delivers crisp distance vision with minimal visual disturbances much as a monofocal lens. It also allows for excellent intermediate vision and functional near vision.

In a study of 106 patients, 90% were satisfied with their vision, 94% rarely or never needed glasses at distance, 87% never needed glasses for intermediate and 46% were less likely to need glasses up close as compared to 16% of patients with a standard monofocal lens. Patients were less bothered by glare.

Due to the non diffractive nature of the lens, patients with mild retinal disease and mild glaucoma and less than perfect corneas are candidates for the lens. To Learn More about Vivity Lens, Click Here.

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