Solinsky Eye Care is pleased to introduce the Alcon AcrysofIQ Vivity Extended Vision Intraocular Lens. The lens has just recently gained FDA approved for extended depth of focus. It allows for vision at distance, intermediate and near.

There are several options for cataract surgery. One option is a single (monofocal) focus lens, which allows for vision at only distance. This means that glasses will be needed following cataract surgery in order to focus on intermediate (computer) distance and near objects. Another option includes a multifocal lens. This type of lens would allow you to focus at distance as well as near following surgery. You will however not be able to focus at an intermediate range. Due to the dependence on computers in today’s society, you will likely need computer glasses with the multifocal lens implant option. The PanOptix is a trifocal lens option that allows for vision at distance, intermediate and near, however not everyone is a candidate for this type of lens.

If you would like to be able to focus at all 3 distances and the PanOptix lens is not suitable for you, then the AcrysofIQ Vivity lens may be the best option for you. It allows for distance vision with minimal visual disturbances that a multifocal lens produces. It will also provide excellent intermediate and functional near vision. The lens can also correct for astigmatism. Due to the nature of the lens, patients that have mild retinal disease and mild glaucoma may be candidates for this new type of lens implant.

In a study of 106 patients, 90% were satisfied with their vision following surgery with the implanted lens. 94% of patients rarely or never needed glasses at distance, 87% never needed glasses for intermediate and 46% were less likely to need glasses up close compared to 16% of patients with standared distance lenses. Patients were also less bothered by glare.

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