Springtime means only one thing for over 35 million Americans – itchy, red, watery eyes. Sure, the cherry blossoms look beautiful, but they are hard to appreciate when they make your eyes water and itch. Even though millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies every year, they don’t realize that their eyes can be treated with a simple prescription eye drop. Why live with discomfort when there is an easy and safe solution?

Not sure if you have seasonal allergies? Typical symptoms include:

  • itchy eyes
  • watery eyes
  • red eyes
  • eye pain
  • blurred vision or visual disturbances that only occur in the Spring or Fall

If you experience these symptoms, then most likely you have allergic conjunctivitis and you should make an appointment to have your eyes checked. If your symptoms occur all year long, then you may have environmental allergies to either dust or one of your pets. It would also be beneficial for you to come in for an exam.

What can you do before your appointment to easy the symptoms?

Start with cold compresses. Take a cold pack and wrap it in a towel and place it on the eyes. You can do this as many times a day as you need. Don’t have a cold pack? Try a bag of frozen vegetables or even a wash cloth that has been run under cold water.

Other ways to make the eyes more comfortable including avoiding the outdoors during the day and listening to your local weather reports. Most weather reports now include a pollen count for the day. If the count is high, avoid spending a long period of time outdoors. Finally, instead of opening your windows, use your air conditioner in the house and the car. This will prevent the pollen from entering.

Allergies and Your Contact Lenses

Now, don’t think that your seasonal allergies will prevent you from using your contact lenses. In most cases, contact lens use is encouraged, because less pollen enters the eye. However, you will have to be vigilant at cleaning your lenses, along with doing a digital rub in order to prevent pollen build up on the lens. Daily contact lenses that are thrown out at the end of the day are another option for use during allergy season.

As you can see, there are many things that we can do for those itchy, red, watery eyes that can make you enjoy the cherry blossoms instead of loathe them.

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