Serving eye care patients in Hartford, Enfield, Newington, & Vernon

Specializing in Contact Lenses and Bifocal Lenses

Our Contact Lens department in Hartford provides everything for wearers of all eye types. We specialize in:

  • Teaching first time wearers how to handle, and care for, their new contact lenses
  • Paragon Corneal Refractive Therapy -a unique rigid gas permeable contact lens designed to temporarily correct myopia (nearsightedness) by gently and reversibly reshaping your cornea while you sleep
  • Designing specialty contact lenses for people with astigmatism
  • Obtaining a variety of tinted or colored lenses
  • Bifocal lenses – there are many varieties of multifocal and bifocal lenses that can enhance your reading vision after the age of 40, without being as dependant on reading glasses
  • Offering quality and convenience at competitive prices
  • Fitting patients who have keratoconus

Order a one year supply of contact lenses.

Call us to make an appointment with our highly qualified experienced contact lens specialists. Let us fit you properly with the right contact lenses for you.

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