Halloween Costume Eye Safety
It’s October, which means Halloween is right around the corner! This can be one of your kid’s favorite holidays and maybe it is a favorite for you, too. Candy and costumes, what’s not to like!? With that being said, it is important to protect your eyes during Halloween. Check out these tips to protect your eyes:

  • Find face masks with non-elastic bands to prevent the band from snapping and hitting your eye
  • Choose water based make-up. It is easier to remove when the night is done. Oil based make-up requires special makeup remover and can possibly clog oil glands in the process
  • For your costume accessories, please be careful with any pointed objects (swords, wands, etc.) and please play appropriately
  • Costume contact lenses should only be fit by an eye doctor and are not legal to wear or purchase if sold as an over-the-counter product
  • Make sure to take your contact lenses out at the end of the night unless your lenses are designed for overnight wear
  • Make sure you wear reflectors if trick-or-treating after dark to make sure you are visible for any drivers
  • For you diabetics, please be careful with candy consumption as elevated blood sugar levels can change your vision and possibly cause damage to the back of your eyes

If you have any questions about Halloween eye safety, call to schedule an appointment today (860) 233-2020.